Whey + OxyShred Fat Burner Stack

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Need a great fat burning supplement to help you suppress your appetite and provide good clean energy and focus, plus a protein supplement?

Then this could be the perfect combo for you, featuring OxyShred Australasia's number one fat burning supplement and our local NZ made Zealea Whey Protein.

Whey + OxyShred Fat Burner Stack

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Why pick OxyShred as a fat burning supplement?

Oxyshred sells the most units of any fat burner in Australasia.. That is because it won't cause jittery side effects from excess caffeine nor will it cause a nasty crash.. It will however provide you with an awesome mood enhancement plus well needed appetite suppression and then there's the flavoring which is just amazing!

As for Zealea Whey Protein Concentrate 1kg?

Simply a cost effective no frills Whey Protein from a local NZ based company, providing high protein, low carbs and low fat.