Universal Animal Cuts 42 Pak

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Animal Cuts Is one of the most advanced fat burners, in the formula it covers every avenue of weight loss supplementation so you don't need to stack multiple products!

Animal Cuts is the most complete vitamin stack for cutting fat on the market as it contains EIGHT products in one.

Universal Animal Cuts 42 Pak

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Xplosiv Supplements NZ Animal Cuts is one of the most advance fat burners on the market, given it features so many different ingredients to help you shed the fat.

 Animal Cuts includes the following 8 products in one!

  • Thermogenic Complex
  • Metabolic Complex
  • Thyroid Complex
  • Duritec Complex
  • Nootropic Complex
  • Cortisol Inhibiting Complex
  • CCK Inhibiting Complex
  • Bioavailability Complex


That's eight different types of aspects to target fat loss and water weight, making animal cuts unlike any other weight loss product on the market at the moment.

Why should I pick animal cuts, what do all these different complexs do over a regular fat burner?

First of all unlike other fat burners animal cuts can pack more ingredients into their product as rather than one capsule it's in a pack so you're taking multiple pills at once.

It also has a duritec complex so you can drop that water weight and keep your mood enhanced and productive with the nootopic complex. Also when you're dieting your body can release the stress hormone cortisol, animal cuts is designed to assist with its cortisol-inhibiting ingredients which helps your body decrease the cortisol production resulting in a more anabolic enviroment which will help you preserve your lean mass whilst you're getting shredded!

Not sold on animal cuts yet?? It gets better, it also has CCK Boosters which reduce your carb and sugar cravings which are any dieters nightmare!

Animal cuts is the complete fat burning product for getting ripped and pealed without taking 8 different products!

Animal Cuts NZ

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