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SD Pharmaceuticals Tribulus 120 Veggie Caps

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SD Pharmaceuticals Tribulus 750 delivers 750 mg of high-grade Tribulus terrestris and 500 IUs of Vitamin D3 in an all-natural veggie capsule, to support healthy testosterone levels! In addition, Tribulus 750 includes the clinically-tested absorption ingredient, AstraGin, to support optimal absorption!

SD Pharmaceuticals Tribulus 120 Veggie Caps

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What is Tribulus Terrestris?
Tribulus terrestris is a plant in the Caltrop family. It can grow in both cold and hot climates where many other plants have difficulty surviving. Tribulus crops are found in the United States, Mexico, Europe, India and China. Tribulus terrestris is commonly referred to as Puncture Vine and Devil’s Weed and nowadays it’s most popular use is for testosterone and sexual health support.

Tribulus terrestris has a long history of use in China and India. The Ayurvedic (Sanskrit) term for Tribulus is “Gokshura”, which means, “cow razor”. In Chinese and Ayurvedic culture, Tribulus has been used to support healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems.* It has also been used to support healthy kidney.*

How does Tribulus work?
Tribulus terrestris contains powerful glycosides (saponins) called furostanolic saponins. The most predominant furostanolic saponin is protodioscin and it’s well known for its ability to support healthy testosterone.  The nature of furostanolic saponins may enable Tribulus to act as an intermediate in the pathway of androgen production.