Horleys Ripped Factors Protein 3kg

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Horleys presents RIPPED FACTORS Whey Protein Isolate from their prestigous Elite Series, now REBOOTED with the new C4 Metabolic Complex and an amazing new taste profile.

Still as lean as ever, Horleys Elite Ripped Factors protein prides itself on delivering NZ PUREST microfiltered WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE to provide your body the LEANEST source of quality protein with virtually ZERO CARB'S/ SUGARS and ZERO FAT. Plus this new formula tastes outstanding in water and perfectly Instanised for easy mixing.

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein 3kg

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To support your fat loss goals even further, Horleys Ripped Factor Protein uses all new C4 Metabolic Complex, a fat burning combination of HCA (hydroxycitric acid), L-Carnitine, Chromium and caffeine. The combination of these key extracts are to promote more stored fat as a fuel source, inhibit fat and cholesterol production, manage insulin activity and stimulate fat oxidisation. Even the caffeine is derived from green coffee bean and guarana and pure anhydrous.

And when getting RIPPED and CUTTED, a potent dose of Glutamine Precursors (5g+ per serve) in free-form will minimise catabolic muscle activity when training hard. On top of the 15 additional vitamins and minerals, Dimethylglycine and gram dosages of L-Tyrosine are included to offset mental fatigue and support the immune system.

Last but not least, patented Bioperine extract is added to enhance the absorption of this Ripped Formula so it can work as hard as you do!
RIPPED FACTORS- your complete cutting phase whey protein supplement.

Recommended use: up to three servings per day. Serving times will be dependent upon your training regime.

Suggestions: one serving of Ripped Factors in water approximately one hour before a workout, a second serving 60 minutes after completing exercise (in non-fat milk) and a third as breakfast or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack – in milk or fruit juice

Servings Per 1.2KG Tub: 36
Servings Per 3KG Tub : 90

Horleys Ripped NZ

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein review by danielbraithwt
  • Overall
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Chocolate Fix flavor is very nice, tastes very good with with water or milk. Contains a good amount of ingredients that support fat loss. And it has generous amount of protein in it 27 grams. Overall will definitely buy again

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Flavour : 6/10 Thought the flavour was really weak, chocolate flavour tasted weak and vanilla wasnt much better.
Consistency: 9/10 Great smooth shake
Formula: 8/10 Good Quality product with low fats and high protein, +25gs of protein is great and at less then 1g of sugar and less then 1.5gs of fat you really cant complain

Overall 8/10 - Good product just really lacking in taste.

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein review by Anonymous
  • Overall

A solid 7 mainly due to its profile. Taste wise it's pretty bland for a vanilla flavour. The scoop Is rather small and the sealed lid is alloying to open with a knife. Much better value products out there but if you are hard up against it, this is not bad. Mixes well and smells OK but not as nice as the Balance Lean Ultra Ripped equivalent (flavours are wayyy better as well as the scoop + holder!)

Not the worst out there but certainly not the best.

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Flavour: 8/10 I didnt see any mention on this about how much water to use so went a full shaker as you can see. It was really nice, nailed the coffee taste which is a nice change for protein shakes, I'd say the taste, while not watered down as such, was just a little on the soft side.

Consistency: 10/10 Damn, easiest shake ever. I think about 4 seconds and it was done, 0 lumps / leftovers.

Formula: 10/10 27.8g protein per serve, 1.1g carb (0.4g sugar is this shit real life) green coffee bean extract (not a bad dosage), even a hint of african mango - yup this powder is Dr Oz's wet dream! Even.. wait for it.. 100mg caffiene! That's about your standard coffees worth. Get out. I know right?!?

Overall: BANGING powder here. Amazing formula. $234 for 3kg.. to clarify that's $2.60 per serve.. well, more than a bit on the steep side, however does come with a free Horleys fat burner at the moment. For that, I haaaaaate do mark it down but going to have to go with 7/10. I mean you get what you pay for, but is there enough in this formula to set it aside from a cheaper whey and a thermo like detonate?

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein review by Anonymous
  • Overall

8.5 - Possibly a 9 for other flavours?

Overall a very good looking Whey. I am a bit gutted I got the water mixed up. READ LABEL next time. Plenty of extras in the formula, which in the long run would save you money.

If you buy the bigger tub it works out at $2.60 a shake with all the extra bits you get. I feel this is good value. Also currently you get a free fat burner as well ( 17 Aug 2013)

Would I use this? Well yes I would and have in the past.

Thanks so much for the sample Varis. Would be interesting to see what the other flavours are like. LOVE THAT COFFEE!

Horleys Ripped Factors Protein review by Anonymous
  • Overall

How good is this protein? OMG...... I wasn't expecting much as it's a isolate but the espresso chill is simply amazing you wouldn't expect it to have such a low carb/high protein %

The flavouring of the espresso chill couldn't get much better!

Love it!