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Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 160tablets

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ON's Superior Amino 2222 Tabs provide 2,222 milligrams of 18 different amino acids to add to the amount you take in through protein shakes, protein bars and whole foods. Used in conjunction with a well-planned diet that includes 'complete' proteins, these tablets can play a role in supporting muscle recovery from exercise. Because we used micronized amino’s, they can get into your system that much quicker.

Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 160tablets

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Why Supplement with Amino Acids?
Sometimes taking in all the meals and shakes on a daily basis can be a real chore. Adding amino acids in the form of capsule, gels or tablets enables you to get all the amino’s acids required to build and tone muscle, strength kin, hair and nails while supporting all the many processes in the body, amino acids are responsible for to ensure daily life is maintained.
Perfect for those who don’t wish to eat multiple meals of protein food sources but are concerned with maintaining a healthy toned body. Even better for the athlete who can’t get enough food in from protein sources and needs to ingest amino’s separately to enhance performance

Ideal for :
• Athletes – for enhanced performance and fast recovery
• Weight conscious and dieters
• Individuals who need to maintain muscle before and after surgery
• Persons who suffer from illness and muscle wasting is an issue
• Team sport participants
• Anyone that needs to enhance the appearance of skin, nails and hair

Directions For Superior Amino 2222 Tabs: As a dietary suppliment consume 1 tablet before meals and again before and after training.


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