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Giant Sports L-Glutamine 300g

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Giant Sports Glutamine

Giant Sports L-Glutamine 300g

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L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid responsible for the regeneration of both skeletal muscle tissue as well as the smooth muscle lining of the stomach.

Glutamine may help prevent muscle wastage during dieting, has been linked to enhanced immunity strength and is one of the most important nutrients for intestinal strength and integrity.

Supplementing with Glutamine during times of severe stress, post workout or during times where gastric stress may be high, may act as a buffer to prevent further degradation.

Giant Sports use only the highest quality BioKyowa Glutamine, which is renowned for its natural fermentation process, purity and uses no solvents, chemicals or synthetic additives during the manufacturing process.

Athletes involved in large amounts of repetitive exercise, people accustomed to consistent sickness and anyone suffering from gut dysbiosis may benefit from the use of L-Glutamine when taken daily.

Giant Glutamine

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