Zealea 100% Whey Protein 2kg

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All educated active individuals recognise the benefits of protein for recovery and development- in fact protein is the ONLY macronutrient you can repair your body with. However achieving adequate protein intake is quite a task.

Zealea 100% Whey Protein 2kg

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$119.90 $79.00

Zealea Whey is a  New Zealand made no-nonsense 100% Whey protein conveniently packaged in a zip-lock bag.

All efforts have been made to deliver a delicious taste and texture while not compromising on protein content, and unwanted fats, sugars or carbs.

This amazingly priced protein fits all the macros you will require and bursting full of critical BCAAs and other important aminos including:

  •  Over 6 grams of vital BCAAs per serve
  •  Approx 3 grams of Leucine per serve
  •  Extremely Low Fat per serve
  •  Super Low Carbs and sugars per serve
  •  Smooth Taste Profile
  •  Superb mixibilty
  • 100% Whey Protein Ingredients
  • 66.6 Serves Per 2KG

Directions: Mix two scoops with 250ml of chilled water or skim milk. For a stronger sweeter flavour mix with 150ml of liquid/skim milk.

Made in New Zealand from local and/or imported ingredients. 

Note: Sugars listed below are in the form of lactose (naturally occurring sugar in milk).

Servings Per 2KG 66.6

Zealea 100% Whey Protein