USN Pure Glutamine Powder 750g

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Pure Glutamine Powder acts as a multi-functional amino acid which can increase your muscle strength, speed up recovery and help prevent the breakdown of your muscles.

USN Pure Glutamine Powder 750g

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$69.95 $59.95

What is Pure Glutamine?

 Our USN Pure Glutamine Powder provides you with a healthy amount of L-Glutamine which has be shown to provide your body with numerous benefits.

 Our 500g tub is now boosted with an extra 25% for free, giving you an extra supply with no extra cost.

What are the benefits?

Glutamine is a pure, free-form anti-catabolic amino acid and should be an essential part of your stack, your muscles require it to maintain and grow.

The majority of glutamine comes from your diet so it’s important to have a healthy amount in order to gain the benefits. You levels drop during intense training sessions so having a higher level can help prevent fatigue and help decrease your recovery times.   

  • L-Glutamine - pure, free-form anti-catabolic amino acid
  • Can increase muscle repair and growth
  • 25% Extra Free

Is this product for me?

Pure Glutamine is suitable for both men and women who take part in intense training sessions.

Our supplement provides you with a healthy supply of Glutamine to support your workout regime.

USN Pure Glutamine Powder Supplement Facts