SciVation Xtend Free Natural Aminos 30 Serve

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Your great SciVation Xtend BCAA formula but with no artificial Colours, Flavours or Sweeteners!

SciVation Xtend Free Natural Aminos 30 Serve

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Xtend Free from SciVation is designed to help you preserve the muscle you are working so hard to build, by providing 7 grams of BCAAs along with added Citrulline Malate and Glutamine. This great tasting BCAA supplement is a refreshing, yet natural way to help you get through those tough training sessions.

The 7 grams of BCAAs included in Xtend Free includes 3.5 grams of Leucine to help stimulate protein synthesis (muscle growth), 1.75 grams of Isoleucine and 1.75 grams of Valine. Valine and Isoleucine are still vital for a large amount of physique benefits that come from BCAAs, despite the starring role for Leucine.

SciVation, is credited for the creation of the first BCAA intra-workout supplement, and with over decade devoted to the improvement of their formulas, there isn’t anything else that can really compare, in today’s market.

Xtend Free