ProSupps I-Load

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Pro Supps I-Load is a highly advanced anabolic optimizer designed to promote insulin sensitivity and drive carbs, aminos, creatine and other anabolic compounds into muscle for maximum nutrient partitioning, muscle gains and definition.

Insulin is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones in the body that strongly impacts protein synthesis and plays a major role in nutrient partitioning, driving food and stored food energy into building muscle instead of building fat.

ProSupps I-Load

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• Anabolic Blend
• Increase Insulin Receptor Sensitivity
• Promote greater Glycogen Storage
• Boost Protein Synthesis
• Muscle Preservation
• Increase Nutrient Uptake
• Build Muscle
• Increase Definition

Three of the best ways to increase insulin sensitivity are through resistance training, cardiovascular training and manipulating the diet. I-Load is designed to help pull glucose from the blood and drive this into muscle tissue to keep the body working efficiently and maintain maximum insulin sensitivity.

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ProSupps I-Load review by evlgtz
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N/a on flavour as its a cap but wow pretty dam impressed with what i-load can do and it does exactly what is made to do.

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