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Platinum Labs Opti-Dreams 60 Capsules

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Platinum Labs OptiDreams is a non-stimulant sleep aid and metabolism booster complex.

Platinum Labs Opti-Dreams 60 Capsules

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OptiDreams is a next generation combination supplement combining a restful and calmative sleep aid with a non stimulant complex. In this age of highly stressful days, rushed workouts and high stimulant products, getting enough high quality sleep can be a difficult task. We work hard to stay focused during the day, to bring our A game to both work and home life as well as keep fit. The truth is though, that we will never be giving 100% tomorrow without recovering tonight!

Platinum Labs has worked hard to bring together the very best compounds to aid in a deep and restful nights sleep, including ingredients to help lower anxiety and stress levels, assist in helping enhance mood and bring a faster and deeper nights sleep that will have you waking feeling deeply rested, non groggy and ready to Be Phenomenal! While rest and recovery is vital to ensuring our mood and fitness are at their peak, why not use this down time to gently increase your metabolism and caloric burning processes as well? Using advanced non stimulant fat burning ingredients OptiDreams will not only have you sleeping deeper but also getting leaner! OptiDreams is truly a revolutionary product recommended for both men and woman looking for an extra fat burning edge as well as a deep and restful nights sleep.

Advanced Non Stimulant Night Time Formula
  • Calmative Ingredients May Assist With A Restful Night Sleep
  • 350mg Acetyl LCarnitine
  • 300mg Nelumba Nucifera
  • 100mg Valerian Root

Take one serving (3 Capsules) with 250-300ml. of water 30-45 minutes prior to bedtime. 


Container: 60 Caps
One Serving:  3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 20

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