PharmaFreak Creatine Freak 90caps

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Pharmafreak Creatine Freak is a powerful hybrid concentrated creatine pill that contains a powerful blend of creatine HCI and beta-alanine, in the precise 2:1 ratio for maximum muscle growth, strength, training performance and recovery.

Pharmafreak Creatine Freak is formulated with mental focus agents to enhance the body’s mind to muscle connection.

PharmaFreak Creatine Freak 90caps

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Pharmafreak Creatine Freak is formulated with mental focus agents to enhance the body’s mind to muscle connection.

• Hybrid Concentrated Creatine Pill
• Creatine HCI & Beta Alanine
• Promote Muscle Growth / Build Muscle
• Strength Gains
• Increase Training Endurance
• Reduce Muscle Fatigue
• Support Muscle Recovery
• Mental Focus
• Maximum Absorption

Concentrated Creatine HCI is an ultra concentrated form of creatine that has efficient uptake and strength in comparison to other creatine formulas.
Beta Alanine works by delaying muscle fatigue and provides enhanced strength and endurance. When beta-alanine and creatine are combined, it causes a synergistic effect, resulting in gains in strength, power output and muscle growth, compared to creatine alone.

Creatine Freak

  • Dosing Cycle: 3 capsules each day, follow below Recommendations:
  • Training Days: 3 capsules (30 mins before workout)
  • Off Days: 3 capsules in the morning

review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Capsule form

Great and handy being a capsule, no taste

i found this to be a very good creatine and i like Pharmafreak products

Noticeable strength increase as you would hope for with creatine and awesome that there is no loading phase

review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Real good form of creatine as I prefer to take it as a pill like this. Also gives you the energy you need when not taking pre workout

review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Powdered version:

Taste - 7/10

Grape flavour - yeah not bad, but wasn't very refreshing.

Consistency - 10/10

Shook up nice, quick and easy. No residue.

Formula - 8/10

Creatine HCl (1500 mg) and Beta-Alanine (750 mg) in the precise 2:1 ratio for maximum performance and results. I'm not sure where that precise ratio comes from but ok - I like beta alanine in my products and at 2 scoops it's still not really enough to get the tingles (not that it's an indication of effectiveness)

I know that most sources say 5g of creatine is a daily requirement so is 1.5g enough? I know that it was similar for MuscleTechs Creacore.

I'm not sure what the olive leaf extract is for, and also features AstraGin which apparently helps amino uptake.

Overall - 8/10

$64 for 60 serves might seem ok, however you'd probably need to double dose to hit your daily requirement. Or, in my case if I were to purchase, it'd be a case of 1 serve pre workout then I'd have some Qualitine mono after - maybe 2.5g. Most preworkouts also have a gram or 2.

Neat product, taste wasn't bad.

review by Anonymous
  • Overall

Using the powered varient of this at the moment, whilst it's not as good value as creacore.. It offers an improved taste and the added olive leave is an amazing addition to a non workout day as it gives you the energy you need when not taking pre-workouts.. Plus the added beta alanine, I've tried the watermelon and the grape which both taste great!