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Out Break Nutrition Virus Pre-Workout 28 Serve

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Outbreak VIRUS is a post-apocalyptic pre-workout that combines the most intense agents available with endurance and nitric oxide boosting ingredients, providing a truly world ending workout experience.

One dosage of VIRUS will leave you changed forever, providing an intense energy rush. VIRUS is not a regular pre-workout, it's an ultra energising formula you need when you have to give everything you have, when every moment counts. This is not a sports supplement, this is a supplement for survival.

Out Break Nutrition Virus Pre-Workout 28 Serve

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$64.95 $39.95
You save $25

Xplosiv Supplements NZ Out Break Nutrition Virus Provides


  • Apocalyptic 28 Single Dosed Serving Experience
  • The World Ending Energy Experience
  • Skin Splitting Muscle Pumps


 A Virus has ravaged the modern world taking down 99.9% of the population and leaving the great cities in abandoned ruins. Loosely held gangs roam the streets and kill at will looking for food, weapons and to gain a foothold in the territory. Supplies come hard; death comes easily, and life is expendable. The survivors do what ever they need to stay alive. Every day is a fight; every day is a struggle but we must survive.

Sports supplements won’t keep you alive; these are supplements for survival.

Out Break Nutrition NZ

Key Ingredient Points:

  • Taurine 2140mg
  • Cumbidium Goerringii (flower) Extract 160mg
  • Theacrine (as a Teacrine) 80mg
  • Caffeine 214mg
  • L-Theanine 321mg
  • Theobromine 107mg
  • Agmatine Sulfate (as AGmass) 803mg
  • Choline Bitarte 428mg
  • Hordenine HCI 54mg
  • Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCL 375mg
Out Break Nutrition Virus review by fridgeyeti
  • Overall
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Interesting new product! This has a pretty strong stimulant component, and a few other ingredients to help keep you focused!
The only real downside is that it doesn't taste amazing, especially when compared to other brands.
I had a good workout on this, although it was more mental energy and focus, rather than strength and pump that you get with other products.
I have a full review below if you want to get more detail!
Thanks SupplementReviews!!

Out Break Nutrition Virus review by vinnie
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Tried a sample of this, reasonably impressed for a single dose (normally take 1.5 / 2 scoops). Felt it kick in within 15 minutes, got a decent burst of energy and focus. Tasted ok, solid ingredients. Did notice I didnt feel as strong as I usually do, unsure if thats something lacking in the PWO or just one of those days.

Out Break Nutrition Virus review by hamdanz
  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

The taste of this was very average. Not sure what it was, just had a sample. I recognise most of the ingredients, and they're not bad doses over all. It's a pretty solid formula to be fair. Pump, stim and feels covered. Personally, I'd need a double serve in terms of caffeine, but not everyone would. Missing beta alanine. So no thistle feels.
In terms of feels and focus, it wasn't bad. Paid attention (mostly) in the meeting this morning at work. Unfortunately I can't vouch for it as a pre workout, but it shouldn't be too bad. Has decent enough profile, 2 scoops should do the goods!