Mutant Pro 100 Whey 4lb

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Mutant Pro 100 offers a flavours so delicious that each and every serve will feel like you’re having a cheat meal. This 100% gourmet whey protein product from Mutant is one of the best tasting options they’ve produced, and that’s saying something! Each scoop of Pro 100 feeds your body with 25 grams of whey protein isolate and concentrate, providing a rapidly absorbing and bioavailable source of amino acids for your muscles.

Mutant Pro 100 Whey 4lb

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$89.95 $74.00

MUTANT PRO 100 is a protein shake that's so amazingly delicious you will want to try all mouth-watering, awe-inspiring, flat out gorgeously gourmet flavours!

Each 100% gourmet flavour is thick, rich and extra creamy, with absolutely no chalky or bitter after taste. They go down smooth & easy and will rock your taste buds!

Each scoop of MUTANT PRO 100 feeds your body with 25 grams of pure whey protein from 3 whey protein sources (concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzed whey proteins). No "proprietary blend" and no hidden ingredients. Just high protein from 100% whey — no compromise, no nonsense — and now ABSOLUTELY 100% GOURMET!


  • 25g of protein per serve
  • Fantastic flavour
  • No cheap fillers, just quality ingredients
  • Perfect for post-workout recovery
  • About 50 Serves Per Tub

Intense workout sessions cause microtrauma to the muscles which needs to be repaired. If you want to grow and develop a strong muscular physique then whey is what you need. Alternative options often include lesser sources of protein or cheap fillers, but not Pro 100. Mutant’s commitment to quality and effectiveness has ensured that each and every serve of Pro 100 is packed full of exactly what you need to ignite muscle repair and growth.
Mutant Pro 100 as a must-have option for avid bodybuilders or body sculptors who are looking to optimize post-workout muscle repair. This delicious product will also serve as a treat for the tastebuds when adhering to a strict diet. 


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