Mutant Mass 15lb

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The Undisputed King of Muscle Building Proteins

 Mutant Mass is an extreme weight gainer designed with the perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for active people who are serious about gaining lean muscle mass.

Mutant Mass has a fairly high carbohydrate and fat ratio, these are clean carbohydrates and carefully selected fats, combining EFA, CLA, MCT oil which are essential for the energy and calories required by hardgainers to build muscle while decreasing body fat.

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Mutant BCAA 200 Caps
Mutant BCAA 200 Caps
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Mutant Mass 15lb

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$149.95 $119.00


  • 1050 of clean calories per serve
  • High Protein Weight Gainer- build and repair muscles
  • Iso-Stack10- (high quality blend of aminos acids)
  • Deliver 52,000mg of amino acids per serve
  • Vextrago- (low sugar carb) improves glycogen loading
  • Lipotherm –specialty fats to help body burn fat
  • Mixes easy, tastes delicious
  • High Calcium- for strong bones


 Mutant Mass makes a tasty thick shake that can be either mixed in a shaker or blender. Mutant Mass will satisfy your hunger gap, without giving you the uncomfortable bloat that other weight gainers can do.

 Mutant Mass is a top selling weight gain formula, and can be used by men and women who want the best muscle building protein powder to gain weight, while not gaining the body fat.

Please note the below table indicates the nutritional profile of Chocolate flavour, different flavours have slightly different nutritional profiles.

Serving Size : 260gms 1/2 Size : 130gms
Servings per Container : 26, 1/2 Serves 52

Directions For  Mutant Mass: Mix 4 scoops of Mutant Mass with 16-32 fl. oz. (480-960 ml) of water, twice a day; drink one shake first thing in the morning and the second immediately after training, or whenever you want an extra shot of protein.

Mutant mass