Muscle Gain Starter Pack

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Our value muscle gaining stack featuring the basic essentails without the heavy price tag to support muscle growth and recovery.

Muscle Gain Starter Pack

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Xplosiv Supplements NZ Muscle Gain Starter Pack Features The Following!

Building muscle is more than just what you do in the gym, it's also about providing your muscles with the right nutrients to recover and build so as well as a good diet supplements do have a role to play, typically a normal diet is made up of mostly carbohydrate and fats and missing the protein nutrient and you need the three macro nutrients in order to acheive muscle gain which is why many people supplement protein.

-This stack has that covered with Zeala Whey Protein 1KG.

Many people claim creatine is the second most effective supplement type on the market behind protein powder mainly because it's the most studied and it actually works, basically to sumerize it, it helps your body hold more water therefor increases endurance and strength

Which is why we included CreXcel 40 Serve

Last but not least a pre-workout supplement, this will help you acheive mental focus and energy for your training session and support blood circulation to ensure your muscles get nurients transfered to them.

We've recommended the worlds best selling Pre-Workout C4 Extreme 30 Serve