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When was the last time you said WOW when you took a fat burner?

Ripped, Toned, Diced, Shredded, Lean, Slim, Weight Loss, Sculpt, Fat loss; whatever you want to refer to your weight management goals as, Dexamine will deliver.

Please Note Dexamine Black Capsules are a completely different product/formula to the Powder Version.

Giant Sports Dexamine 60caps

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  • Yes this is the one everyone is raving about
  • Kiss your cravings goodbye
  • Backed by real clinical research on humans (not lab animals)
  • Outstanding smooth energy all day long
  • Demonstrated measurable reductions in fat


Dexamine truly brings the "X" factor to the fat loss table in so many ways.

Obviously Dexamine tackles the key goal of optimising your metabolic rate though increased thermogenesis, but it’s what happens next that has the entire world applauding Giant Sports latest efforts in solving your fat loss challenge.

The formula contains many unique extracts pushing caffeine to the bottom of the list below these new A-list of weight loss super heroes:

- Within an hour of consumption the energy switch will be flipped and nothing will be too hard. 
- Next your appetite will diminish so make sure you keep a close eye on the clock so you remember to get in your regular nutritious meals and protein shake snacks.

- Positive Mood or what we refer to as your "Sensory Experience". At first it won’t be apparent, but when the 3rd, 4th and everyone else you interact with comments on your positive energy you will know what we mean.

And best of all, this all takes place from your first dosage. No waiting days for results, just the results you really expect from a fat burner instantly.

Dexamine Fat Burner is ideal for women and men 18+ who want a fat burner which provides a noticeable feel-good mood and consistent energy while dropping unwanted kilos and controlling cravings.

Take 1-2 Capsules A day, Do Not Consume more than 2 Capsules in any 24 hour period. Be sure to take with 16-20 ounces of Water!

Due to the pure Strength of this product do not take more than one capsule at once to access your tolerance.

Dexamine Fat Burner

Giant Sports Dexamine review by ActionMahon
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After the success of Ripped Freak, I decided to try this. What I found was that the two products couldn't be more different. The blend in Ripped Freak had more in it where as this seemed to really focus on the caffeine increase (500mg at the two pill recommended dose). While it boosted my energy for a while and could be used as a pre work out, I found fat stores remained untouched and in fact I did not drop any weight. Of course there can be many factors in weight loss (diet, exercise, hormones etc) but I know what it feels like when your body is melting fat away. My diet was tight and my running schedule along with my gym workouts were well planned. Of course, I should probably try this again and see if I get the same results. I have yet to find a better fat burner than ripped freak.
Good caffeine boost
Appetite was suppressed for a while
Excellent price point
Good to use in conjunction with a non stim preworkout so you can control how much boost you want

No weightloss recorded
Probably the older version was better.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by Da_Yellow_Flash
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Great fat burner at a great price! Tend to see it on special from time to time. Constant energy throughout the day, great way to fire up that metabolism and burn extra calories whilst at the gym.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by QuadsofSteel
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I found Dexamine Black pills pretty hard core for a fat burner, I've tried a lot of fat burners currently being sold and this is by far the strongest one I have had. One pill gives me heaps of energy that lasts around 4 to 5 hours, It also put me in a good mood! I do recommend staying well hydrated.
i found it fantastic for morning training and cardio, this is one fat burner that would be great for anyone dieting for a up and coming comp who requires alot of energy to get cardio and training done.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by memske
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This is a good product if your looking for them good feels + thermo effect, it would be my current go to "fat burner"!

Full review: https://supplementreviews.co.nz/forum/topic/3155-giant-sports-dexamine-black-capsules/

Giant Sports Dexamine review by extensity
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Ok, so there was quite a bit of hype about this product being stronger than detonate. Having tried detonate and its previous replacements (final cutz, diablo, and thermadex) I feel I can make a fairly good comparison. 40min after taking one capsule I noticed a strong boost in energy, and almost a glowing feel. I immediately thought there is definitely more to this product than the 250mg of caffeine thats included. So how does it compare to detonate? Well part of what made detonate so great was that you would feel good, which helped so much for appetite suppression because if youre anything like me, youre grumpy when youre hungry. Dexamine delivered in this aspect and is no doubt the best fat burner available in NZ at the moment. Do recommend.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by trackers
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I really like this product - For me it is a mood enhancer, so if I'm in a happy mood and everything's all good, and I take this, I feel great - Well I feel better. In this respect, for me, it is the same as Detonate

However, this also means If I take it on a Monday morning when I'm feeling pretty blah, it doesn't really do anything for me - Possibly because I'm caffeine junkie resistant so a huge dose is not going to do anything for me.

In my expereince, contrary to the label, Dexamine works far far better for me on an empty stomach and this is the only way I bother taking it

In addition to stim / mood enhancer (under the right conditions! ) it does curb my appetite a wee bit as well (no real thermo, but I haven't worked out on it much), so on that basis, I'm going to give it a 9/10. Thanks for the samples Xplosiv, you guys are the shit

Giant Sports Dexamine review by magic_carpet_ride
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Wow. So many 10/10's here! Anyhow, I'll break this into two sections. One will be a review of the powder product
that is sold for the Asian market and the other will be the pill product which CLEARLY is not. They differ not just in powder/pill
but in the ingredients. The Asian powder has some odd Acacia extract in it. This formula is good but the taste ~ at least the
orange flavor product ~ is very bitter and its a tough sell for me.

I would rate the powder product at 5/10 because of the poor taste alone.

The American pill products is a COMPLETELY different game. If you can get the American pills ~ and it looks like online
at least we can order them here in Australia & New Zealand ~ then skip the powder altogether and go right for the black capsules. The American pills have some new ingredient that seems to be related to the old "eth ingredient" found in detonate and craze. Something called N-Phenethyldimethylamine HCl. Can't find much info about it anywhere. But word is the
guy who did the old det and craze is the mastermind behind this dex capsule so no surprise they are all so similar!

But there is a difference between the dex caps and the acacia powder product.

I would rate the American dex product at a solid 9/10 which is the same I rated for detonate when it was here.

Consumers seeking a replacement for the old detonate product who really know the old detonate product will soon
discover that the dex pills are very similar. Not exactly the same as detonate. My opinion is that for euphoria that
det > dex clearly. Dexamine to me at two capsules is about 2/3rds to 3/4th as euphoric as detonate at two capsule.

I would not advise using more than two dexamine black caps as the caffeine dose is very high.

Where dex > det is that its very smooth and all about focus, motivation and destroying appetite. I could not eat anything
after taking two dex and really did not want to for most of the day. Cleaner than det is for sure. After all it is about
helping you diet or stay focused and not about getting lit up.

The downside is I wish that dex had less caffeine. Two caps gives you half a gram and for me that was a bit over the top.
I had some stomach issue because I took this on an empty stomach and had some short lasting anxiety that I always get
from when I am overcaffeinated. Giant should have set this at 25%-30% less caffeine and maybe just a little more
of the obviously "magical" N-phenethyldimethylamine material.

My other concern was that I only tried the paper sachet material the sample capsules came in and not the material
in the black cans. Companies have sometimes made hot or spiked samples only to disappoint in the real product you
have to spend money with. I'm told this is not the case with American dex black caps and that the sample sachets
and the purchase cans are exactly the same. But I can't say this for sure as I did not try the product from the cans yet.

Just wanted to make that known to be fair to anyone considering this.

I am ordering a can as soon as I have eighty dollars for this so will update later on that.

If the sample sachet capsules =/= capsules as sold in the black can?

Then this is the next big stimulant pill product for sure with no doubts. Clean feel, no crash, long lasting and
forget eating with it. So would I say that the dex capsules are considered det's brother? Maybe a better
analogy is that the dex capsules should be considered detonate's 1st cousin? Same family but different enough
that experienced det junkies will noticed the difference. Dex is stronger and I think that is from the big hit of caffeine in this.

If the difference is good or bad? Up to each user I imagine.

Word to the wise? Start with one capsule and follow the directions on the label.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by fridgeyeti
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I've never tried Detonate, so I can't compare this to it. In that sense, Dexamine Black isn't under the weight of some lofty expectations.
I received a few samples from the very generous folks at Xplosiv Supplements, and thought I'd share my thoughts so far.
First off - pretty decent stim from a single capsule. Decent focus, not really jittery.
Great appetite suppression, helped me get through until my feeding window began around 12-1pm.
There seems to be a few hit and miss results, depending on the user. I've had nothing but good feels from these pills.
I find that taking them about 30 mins - 1 hour after eating gives me the best result.
Did a bit of a test yesterday, and stacked this with a thermo I have, which contains black pepper and capsaicin. It amplified the intensity of the effects considerably, and increased the duration by at least an hour or so.
Overall, a great, potent fat burner. Will continue to use!

Giant Sports Dexamine review by vinnie
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Going against the tide on this one, and my first ever bad review on here. Need to make the point that others have had great results using Dex (checkout RAMADURRANs review below). First took it as per the instructions, one hour after breakfast. Other than a 5 min thermo response, nothing. Next day took it fasted, nothing. Third attempt took 2, fasted. Still nothing.

In terms of fat burn, no way to say. In terms of appetite suppressant, I felt hungry earlier than usual. Similar for focus etc, I actually felt distracted.

No idea why, but for me Dex was a total fail.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by cz0
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  • Effectiveness

Full review available at: https://supplementreviews.co.nz/forum/topic/3137-dexamine-black-v3-review/
To summarize: Felt some thermogenesis on day 2. Was it only due to it being the 3rd cap taken that day or the fact that it had just built up in my system? Not sure. Did it take so long due to my tolerance to stimulant products? Again, wish I could answer that. But - it's a sign that the product CAN deliver. ** disclaimer - read instructions, do not use more than 2 caps in one day, that was silly of me **

However, the million dollar question: Detonate or Deto-aint?

Before I tried Dexamine black Id imagined myself posting within the first 20 minute so of use OH WOW THERE IT IS or DETONATE WHO?? But it never quite got me there. The statement Stonger than detonate is actually a bit general and hard to quantify. Stronger? Yes, no doubt. More caffeine, more oomph. But is this the real reason why users are so passionate about detonate? Dex is close. Its really close. I feel like of all of the products that Ive tried, Dexamine Black manages to grip onto the ledge of the podium where previous products have struggled to even touch .. but just cannot pull itself up. The same magic just isnt there. Is this the best thing available since Detonate was pulled? Yes. Will I be buying this? Yes.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by gadoar
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Solid product, can't compare it to detonate, as I never tried it myself. One capsule will be enough for most people, but 2 throughout the day is amazing, just make sure you remember to eat because you'll likely go the day without feeling the need to.
Overall, very good focus and excellent chatty feels that last.
For full review, click the link: https://supplementreviews.co.nz/forum/topic/3136-giant-sports-dexamine-black-capsule/

Giant Sports Dexamine review by RAMADURRAN
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  • Effectiveness

My friend scored sample sachets from Mr. Joe at the show back a few weeks ago. Did not think much of using them until we saw
all the reviews on this board and elsewhere. Good thing we did not throw these out. This is a potent product and it really works
well. If you have ever used X or RC's then this feel will be very apparent to you. Not identical but the feel is in that special

So OK here is my experience with my friend from the weekend.

I am 155 pounds and my friend is 175 pounds. We each only took two black capsule on an empty stomach.

There was a techno party in a near city, some friends invited us to come dance with them. We both have experiences with pure X and many other RC's while clubbing and I was hoping from the reviews on this board that Dexamine Black capsules just might have similar good effects. We tore into those sample packs from Mr Joe from Giant Sports my friend received at The Arnold...

Yes, so we both took two Dexamine Black caps each at the start (T=0) and then went directly to the party. Had a very similar coming up to 'something else' and this was very smooth and easy, not as intense but similar...The music started to sound better and better, while at the same time speaking with strangers went easier and we both were very chatty. The effects were a lot like with X, except there was no 'kick' or a sudden feeling of this starting to work. You know its working but it creeps up on you full

After an hour (T+1) the Dexamine Black was doing it for both of us... I was doing my moves on the dance floor and the beat was really influencing my actions. I could stand still, hang back and chill, but there was no way I wanted to do that. I had no jaw tension or teeth grinding, but I rarely experience much of this while im on X or RC's because I focus my muscle energy to dance and my mouth to smile at the ladies. Told that my pupils were dilated but not as much as while on X. Had very dry mouth mouth. The strangest thing about Dexamine Black was the total focus and intensity of thought. Zero feeling of mental distortion or disruption, so it was more of a full body thing and being able to do what I wanted while at total ease.

By T+3 I was dancing my legs off until the party ended and broke up. This was way too soon for us (T+5), I had the feeling I could dance 2 hours more if there was a beat. A downer that there weren't any after party's so we went chilling out in the home of a couple of girls we met.

At T+8 the effects were totally gone and I fell asleep like a baby. No significant after effects were discovered. Except two. The dry mouth was a constant factor and I had no appetite till about T+17. And we did not eat anything for 17 hours after we took
the two capsules.

After all it was a very relaxing day, thanks to good friends in the same state of mind because of Dexamine Black or some other goodies.

Compared to X and some RC's: Slower coming up, no 'kick' when it starts working hard. Completely sober, with amazing focus but absolutely no loving & hugging feelings. From my first experience I'd say, a fair X or RC alternative, I'll use this when I can't get the real deal for sure.

Not as deep feeling as X or the better RC's. Dexamine Black probably is better for times you need that focus and energy
feel. There is some good happy feel but its not as intense.

If I had to compare it some chemical I have used then I need to compare this to lighter dose 4-FA + a good whallop of caffeine. Yeah, that's dead ballz on. Felt amazing from this product and will buy the capsule product for sure.

I did not even know that a powder version existed for us in Australia or New Zealand. Or that the capsules were just for the
Yanks. So I can't compare the two versions and have no reason to do it. I'll buy the capsules for sure. Why screw around
when we know this works as it does?

Nothing like this on the market that's legal other than select RC powders.

YMMV. Good luck with it. Very potent for a supplement. That is how I would describe it.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by tonybigthings
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  • Effectiveness

Holy moley! Can we say "crack in a black can?" Pills because like...PILLS! The pills and powder differ by just one ingredient
but apparently the magic is in that one ingredient because all I can say is "where are the pills?!?" Hands down the STRONGEST
stimulant on the market today bar none. Wait for the pills if you can't find them and all you see for sale is the powder.

Powder is pretty good but does not hit as hard or as deep as the black capsules. Powder is like 2/3rds as good as the pills.
And the powder tastes like burnt grapefruit rinds. Get the pills!

PROS: Insanely strong - massive focus - amazing energy with no crash - has the "feels good brah" feel to it you know what I mean. Strongest, best feeling stimulant for sale today here no doubts.

CONS: Sucks the powder is not the same as the pills - this new PEA replacement for DMAA/DMBC that Giant found is surely
not going to stay legal here for long and the herbal replacement in the powder is not the same.

For sure this will peel your wig back and kick in your derby!

Giant Sports Dexamine review by Deacon Blue
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  • Effectiveness

If you must use the strongest stimulant in the market this one is it. They are not joking about that.
One capsule was the correct serve for me. Two capsule had me with tunnel vision and left me feeling
like I could not sit or stand still. Too much! Destroys your will to eat anything. Amazing focus
and single minded purpose feel to this. Not used to using capsules here but will adjust. Have not
tried the powder but will later. Hope its as good as the capsules are.

I used as a pre-product and it sure hits hard and fast. I can't think of anything without DMAA or
AMP CITRATE that is stronger than Dexamine Black Capsules. Highly recommend!

Giant Sports Dexamine review by babustis
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  • Effectiveness

Tried my sample pack from the Arnold after reading feedback. Pills > powder for sure. Strong is an understatement!
You will not find a stronger stimulant at any stockist here! Agree with comments that Dexamine Black Pills feel very
similar to the original Detonate. Not the same exactly. Dexamine > Detonate for appetite suppression; give
Dexamine an 11/10 for this and Detonate an 8.5/10. Dexamine > Detonate for how long it lasts; just one pill lasted me
6.5 hours with no crash, about 25% longer than Detonate. Detonate > Dexamine for mood; Detonate was like Craze and
had that "roll" feel if you know what I mean? Dexamine is cleaner and more focus than "happy, OMG, let me tell you
how great I feel!" If you liked Detonate and miss it you will appreciate Dexamine Black Pills though because the overall feel is there. Pills, not the powder! Dexamine powder is good too but nowhere as good as the black pills. The powder also has a bitter
taste, I tried a sachet of the mango. Seriously. Get the pills. The real deal. Best effects are appetite is utterly crushed and
there is no real crash off to this. Smooth taper. Best stimulant pill I have had in a long time.

Giant Sports Dexamine review by SuppGuru
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  • Effectiveness

WOW WOW WOW WOW OMG this DEXAMINE BLACK is the reincarnation of Detonate ORIGINAL!

I'm leaning towards stronger though...I could only handle 1 single capsule of this new black version.

Ive tried the powder Dexamine many times- this pill version is soooo much stronger.

Detonate I could use 2 caps at a time.

But the same epic feels
-11/10 energy
-10/10 mood
-11/10 and where the heck did my appetite go?

Giant Sports Dexamine review by lstewart
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I managed to get my hands on a couple of these at the arnolds. whilst not a massive fan of capsules, I guess im just used to everything being powers in aus, these things packed a punch!! I was using 4 scoops of dedicated unstoppable by the end of my tub and even that doesn't compare to 2 capsules of this.
the hardest part was actually eating, appetitie was almost zero and energy was sky high!!

Giant Sports Dexamine review by Varis
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  • Effectiveness

Got given a capsule to try of this and there is not a single capsule product I have tried has had this effect, if I had of said detonate had me running at about 65% In terms of focus and energy, this would be at least 10% more strong.. In terms of appertite suppressant Id say without a doubt I wasnt hungry at all.. I was at a sports expo when I tried this product so I didnt eat lunch until 2PM due to running late, but I wasnt hungry either so it works.

It also had the chatty effect such as detonate had, I wouldnt after recent times compare but this straight up reminds me of it.. Makes sense though the formulator of this product was the original Gaspari formulator who left.

Overall 10/10