Fitmiss Bcaa 30 Serve

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FitMiss BCAA's provide the perfect combo of Branched Chain Amino Acids to aid in fat loss and increase lean body mass.  FitMiss BCAAs include a 3:1:2 ratio of valine, isoleucine and leucine. Because leucine is one of the most important BCAAs that your body needs, you can be assured that your recovery times will be greatly boosted as well assistance with muscle growth and protein synthesis.

Fitmiss Bcaa 30 Serve

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Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential in the lives of many active individuals and athletes, and FitMiss BCAAs provide nearly 1/3 of the amino acids in muscle protein.

Fitmiss BCAAs features:

  • BCAAs also play a key role in the growth of muscle and muscle repair
    Great tasting and easy to drink

Container Size: 
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (4.33g)
Serves Per Container: 30

Directions: Consume one serving (1 scoop) of FitMiss BCAA mixed into 6-8 oz. of cold water, one to three times daily. For optimal use: take 30-45 minutes before workouts, during workouts, and/or immediately after workouts.

Amount Per Serve:
L-Leucine 1500mg
L-Valine 1000mg
L-Isoleucine 500mg

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