Con-Cret Creatine HCI

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Con-Cret also known as the world first creatine hci product is widely received as the perfect creatine supplement due to the fact it's the hassle free creatine as you do not need to go through the loading or cycling phase as it requires a simple daily dose.

Con-Cret is much like any creatine in what you will acheive, it supports strength, recovery and endurance in both males and females.

Con-Cret Creatine HCI

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Xplosiv Supplements NZ Con-Cret Capsules Features

  • Bonus 72 Capsules Size (Not 48) 50% Extra FREE
  • No loading or cycling phase needed
  • Supports healthy muscle growth and recovery
  • Vegan & halal approved
  • No water retention bloating or cramping
  • Can be used by both males and females
  • Gluten Free


Why should I Opt for Con-Cret Creatine HCI Over my regular creatine supplement?

The answer is simple, standard creatine monohydrate takes up to two weeks to saturate your creatinine levels in your body where as con-cret you achieve saturation from the first dose, that's the Creatine HCI Difference..

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