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New Year Advanced Shredding Stack

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Christmas is coming and what better reason to put together a stack of products into a bundle to support weight loss at a reduced price!

This combo is valued at $332.84 When Purchased Separately, purchase as a stack for only $199.95!

New Year Advanced Shredding Stack

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$332.84 $199.95
You save $133

Summer Advanced Shredding Stack Contains

BSN Syntha-6 Edge Aproxx 4lb (Seperately Purchased $79.00)

Push Your Recovery To The MAX, All New Syntha-6 Edge Has More Protein, Less Carbs, Less Fat.


    • 24g of protein
    • Great taste
    • Can be used any time of day or night
    • 6 forms of protein for sustained release

    Known for its taste and quality, BSN Syntha 6 has become a household name for supplement users the world over, now BSN are stepping up an already incredible product with Syntha 6 Edge, a low Carb, low fat and High Protein version of their ever popular meal replacement.
    BSN Syntha 6 Edge is a unique formula, containing whey protein concentrates, whey protein isolates, casein proteins and egg protein, all of which digest in the body at different rates and have distinct amino acid profiles, so the body is continually supplied with protein over an extended period of time.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Stix 35g (Seperately Purchased $29.95)

Behold the optimal combination of taste, texture and innovative consumable technology.

Optimum Nutrition Protein Stix are a high protein, low sugar, sweet snack, that won't leave you feeling guilty despite tasting like a treat you're perhaps shouldn’t be eating.

Diablo Thermogenic Fat Burner 60 Serve VERSION 2 (Seperately purchased $95.00)

After 3 years DIABLO has been reborn, with a new and improved formula for even more fat loss performance. DIABLO is designed to enhance the release of fat from stubborn fat storage cells and assist in the metabolism of free fatty acids, to convert stored fat into energy.

Utilizing 6 different mechanism of action, DIABLO synergistically targets stubborn visceral and subcutaneous fat with ingredients that increase fat breakdown and elevate fat utilization for energy via thermogenesis. You can literally feel your body-heat rising as it targets and destroys stubborn fat.

Don’t let fat hold your physique hostage, it’s time to kick the hell out of fat, and destroy it with DIABLO.

  • New & Improved DIABLO Fat Loss Formula
  • More Energy, Mental Focus & Fat Fighting Power than before!
  • Target & Release Stubborn Fat for Energy
  • Retrain Your Body to Preferentially Burn Fat
  • Increase Energy, Mood & Motivation
  • Adaptable Dosing for a Custom Solution
  • No Artificial Dyes or Colors
  • 60 Full Servings

Diablo Thermogenic PM Fat Burner (Seperately purchased $89.95)

You can trust on ANS Performance to deliver another game-changing product that can help you achieve your fitter, leaner and stronger goals.

Formulated with new unique compounds and herbs studied in 9 human clinical studies.

At its core, Diablo PM is a powerful weight management tool to that may help you achieve your dream physique while you sleep! What sets Diablo PM apart, however, is all the additional benefits that hugely benefit your general health and well-being.

Scientists worked countless hours to formulate a synergistic blend that also may reduce perceived stress, manage physique harming hormone cortisol and improve recovery both mentally and physically.

You May hope to wake feeling tighter, harder and mentally reset and rejuvenated- ready to take on the world from the moment you spring out of bed.

Gat Liquid Carnitine (Seperately purchased $29.95)

GAT Liquid L-Carnitine 1500 is perfect for sport enthusiasts, weightlifters, athletes and anyone trying to improve their fitness and conditioning. It’s one of the most versatile supplements athletes can utilize.
L-Carnitine helps the body convert food to energy, providing support for endurance exercise (aerobic) and during recovery from high-intensity activities such as weightlifting and sprinting (anaerobic).* For Carnitine to be most effective at fat burning,
eating adequate levels of Omega-3 fatty acids may help athletic performance improvement when combined with carbohydrates.

Xplosiv Shaker 600ml (Seperately purchased $8.99)