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BPI Sports Best Glutamine 450grams

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BPI Sports Best Glutamine is a premium glutamine designed to not only give you recovery & immune system support.. They've made it in a way that you actually enjoy drinking it.

Glutamine also supports protein synthesis which is the ability for your muscle to rejuvenate, so it works well for males & females who have a heavy training routine.

BPI Sports Best Glutamine 450grams

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$59.95 $49.95

Xplosiv Supplements NZ BPI Sports Best Glutamine Features

  •         50 Serves Per Tub
  •         Immune System Support
  •         Muscle Growth & Recovery assistance
  •         Helps with intestinal health
  •         Contains SIX different types of glutamine

    BPI Sports BEST Glutamine

Why is best glutamine better? BPI Sports claim the Six different types of glutamine is designed to support a rapid rise in glutamine levels on the celular level and the muscles which store glutamine.

You don't have to be a hardcore athlete to supplement glutamine, many regular males & females encourerate glutamine into their diet for many reasons, which include Gut Heath, Immune system support and recovery.

    The Six Different types of glutamine are.

  •         L--Glutamine
  •         Glutamine AKG
  •         Glutamine Acid
  •         N-Acetly-LGlutamine
  •         Glutamine (as oligopeptid-enzymatic technology
  •         L-alanyl-l-glutamine

Take one scoop before/during/after workout & one scoop on your non training days in the AM.

Best Glutamine NZ

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