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Apocalypse Labz Acid Rain Fat Burner 45cap

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Acid Rain is a Ass Kicking Fat Destroyer which is designed to last for a whole 12 hours, which means only one capsules per day due to the extreme strength of the product.

Apocalypse Labz Acid Rain Fat Burner 45cap

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Acid Rain™: Extreme Fat Incinerator

  • 1 Pill Per Day
  • 12 Hour Fat Burner
  • Appetite Annihilator

Apocalypse Labz™ introduces Acid Rain™, the complete thermonuclear fat burning stack engineered to annihilate adipose and increase energy/focus.  Acid Rain™ increases the body’s fat burning potential via thermogenesis, melting away excess body fat and producing extreme energy and laser focus.†

When the world comes to an end, who will survive?  Only the Strong.

Welcome to The End.

acid rain

Apocalypse Labz Acid Rain review by joelb975
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  • Flavour
  • Formula
  • Effectiveness

Flavour: N/A. I gave it a 10 as they're capsules and have no flavour. No unpleasant after taste or burning sensation from burping.

Formula: Its a proprietary blend, it tells you what's in it but not the exact amounts of each ingredient. I'm not sure if the full dosing info is out there on the web but I didn't bother to check. It's got all the goodies you'd expect in a "fat burner".

Price: it's well priced in my opinion consider you get 45 days out of a bottle(provided you aren't a star junkie looking for his next fix in which case you can cut your time in half).

Overall I really like this product. Worked great on my mood, it gave me a solid 5:30am - 1pm ish ping/energy buzz and about a quarter the way in it worked great on suppressing my appetite. I'd definitely recommend this product and would buy again.
To me it Was similar in effect to detonate but not quite as good. Convenient, quick to ping and well priced. Easy 8/10