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Xplosiv Supplements is one of NZs fastest growing supplement retailers. Just as you have struck this page, the word is fast getting around we don’t just stock EVERY product like some other retailers.

We only range supplements that are from credible brands, work effectively and we have personally tried and as a team agree it should be ranged.

Since our team has experienced each product, and trialled each flavour, we can give you the absolute best solutions to address your supplement needs.

  • What fat burners deliver the best appetite control vs. energy?
  • How do the proteins taste and mix?
  • Which Weight management supplements exist for someone who cant use caffeine or stimulants?
  • What are the best options to improve recovery?

We have all the answers.

Not only are we incredibly price competitive, we take health and safety extremely seriously.

None of our products are parallel imported and we deal directly with the authorised distributors Nutrition Systems. This ensures Xplosiv Supplements and you the consumer know exactly where and how our products are sourced and shipped under the highest quality control methods. After all, you are investing in your health and vitality to us anything you order from us is delivered promptly to your door, at the best price, compliant to label and meets your health and fitness goals.

Xplosiv Supplements

Affordable- Effective- Safe-

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